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Experience luxury on the go with tēn4.

Welcome to tēn4, your leading destination for Tesla Rental Cars and Luxury Vehicles in PHX. As a top Phoenix Airport car rental service, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled luxury and convenience. Our fleet boasts a diverse range of vehicles, from the much sought-after Tesla models to other luxury EVs, hybrids, and elite cars, guaranteeing a premium drive during your Phoenix stay.

Visiting Phoenix for business, an event, or simply to savor the sun-soaked roads of Scottsdale and Tempe? tēn4 ensures a perfect ride awaits. Our array of Luxury Rental Cars promises memorable drives across the region. Whether you’re yearning for the flair of a Tesla or the opulence of another luxury model, our expert team will streamline your Phoenix Sky Harbor car rental experience, guiding you to a vehicle that matches your needs.

Experience the allure of our Tesla offerings and the diverse luxury range, all under the esteemed banner of tēn4. For unrivaled Phoenix Area Car Rentals, make your choice tēn4. Kick off your premium rental experience with us now! We’re excited to greet you with our top-rated fleet!


Experience luxury on the go.

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