We are tēn4, Providing Optimized Car Rentals for Uber & Lyft Drivers in Phoenix

Tesla Model S
Experience luxury on the go with tēn4.

Welcome to tēn4, where rideshare driving meets luxury and affordability. Designed explicitly for Uber and Lyft drivers in Phoenix, our service offers top-tier vehicles for rent, ensuring you give your riders an experience they won't forget and earn top ratings.

Why tēn4 is the Best Choice for Rideshare Drivers:
  • Daily or Weekly Rentals: Flexible rental options to suit your driving schedule and maximize your earnings.
  • No Long-Term Commitments: Rent for as long or as little as you need. We understand the dynamic nature of rideshare driving.
  • Insurance Options: Want peace of mind on the road? We offer comprehensive insurance coverage tailored for rideshare drivers.
  • All-Inclusive Maintenance: Forget about the hassle of maintenance. From tires to general upkeep, we handle it all.
  • No Mileage Limits: Drive as much as you want, whenever you want. Freedom on the road, redefined.
  • No Young Driver Fees: If you're 21 and up, rent with no age-based surcharges or deposits.
  • Drive Premium, Earn Premium: Our fleet includes luxury vehicles like Tesla, ensuring you stand out and potentially earn more from high-tier rideshare categories.
Rideshare Driving in Phoenix, Elevated

Ditch the traditional challenges of car ownership. With tēn4's rental service, you get the best vehicles without the worries of maintenance or long-term contracts. Perfect for those peak rideshare times or if your primary vehicle is temporarily unavailable.

Rent, Drive, Earn, Repeat with tēn4

Maximize your earnings and elevate your rideshare experience in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and beyond. At tēn4, we're not just offering cars; we're providing a premium driving experience that both you and your riders will love. Contact us today and hit Phoenix streets in style.


Experience luxury on the go.

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