Rent: Tesla Y - 7 Seat - "Prada"

Rent: Tesla Y - 7 Seat - "Prada"

✅ THIRD ROW - 7 PASSENGERS ✨ ✅ PET FRIENDLY 🐕 ✅ AUTOPILOT ⚙️ ✅ HIGH PERFORMANCE, 0-60 IN 4.8 SECONDS 🏁 ✅ ALL WHEEL DRIVE ⛰️ ✅ BLUE CLOUD PLATE - ACCESS TO HOV LANE AT ALL TIMES ☁️ ✅ WIRELESS PHONE CHARGER📱 😷 EASY CONTACTLESS RENTING + COVID CLEANING: Pickup on your own schedule, without any need for human interaction or contact! We use an ozone machine to fog and sanitize the car before each trip. 🧽 ENJOY! 💖 DESCRIPTION: 📖 Awesome 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD 7 seat! This is a powerful, beautiful car. It has Midnight Gray exterior, Black interior, Black 20” wheels, tinted windows, and matte black door handles and trim! Arrive in style!! This Tesla Model Y has the optional third row and seats 7 passengers! The second and third rows both fold flat if needed to give tons of storage and flexibility! Autopilot is included!! Available upgrade to the "Full Self Driving" package, which includes: - Navigate on Autopilot: automatic (supervised) driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars. - Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway. - Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces. - Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control: assisted stops at traffic controlled intersections. Full self driving really takes the chore out of long highway drives, and makes traffic much less stressful. If you have never experienced this, it is mind blowing! 🤯 This car is so much fun to drive and amazing for road trips! 😁😁 🏁 Includes full access to supercharging stations. Takes on average 30 minutes for a recharge stop, and the cost for any electricity used from superchargers is passed directly to you with no markup, it is very cost effective for road trips, much cheaper than gas!! Car has built in Netflix and Hulu so you can watch Netflix while charging! (BYO netflix/hulu login) 🍿 My Model Y has the premium connectivity package that isn’t active on many rentals: this gives you the ability to watch Netflix, stream Spotify, use Google satellite maps, etc via the cars built in data connection with UNLIMITED DATA for your trip! 📶 Located just minutes from PHX Sky Harbor airport. 🛫 🔌CHARGING DETAILS: ✔️ FREE Tesla Destination Charging. ✔️ FREE 3rd Party Chargers with included J1772 Adapter. PlugShare App can help locate free chargers. ✔️ Tesla SUPERCHARGING - Cheaper than gas! Billed to me, invoiced to you post trip. 🔘PARKING DETAILS Please note that you will be responsible for any parking fees incurred at pickup and drop off, if applicable to your delivery location. If both valet and self park options are available, please let us know which you would prefer. Note that the vehicle home location has a parking fee at pickup only ($14). If you have any questions reach out and we will be happy to answer any questions! 😁


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